Monday, 2 June 2014

Fathers Day Poems From Daughter To Dad

Fathers Day is the perfect day to gift your Dad something. This fathers day impress your Dad by giving him the best Father's Day card. Here we are sharing a wide variety of lovely and beautiful poems for Father's Day, free for your personal or non-commercial use.

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Dedicate these lovely poems to  your dad by adding them to your greetings, and have a great Celebration. :)

    Children have a certain way
    of growing bigger every day
    But these little hands
    and this special smile
    will stay in our
    hearts a long, long while


    God took the strength of a mountain,
    The majesty of a tree,
    The warmth of a summer sun,
    The calm of a quiet sea,
    The generous soul of nature,
    The comforting arm of night,
    The wisdom of the ages,
    The power of the eagle's flight,
    The joy of a morning in spring,
    The faith of a mustard seed,
    The patience of eternity,
    The depth of a family need,
    Then God combined these qualities,
    When there was nothing more to add,
    He knew His masterpiece was complete,
    And so,

    He called it ... Dad


    Sometimes you get discouraged
    Because I am so small
    And always leave my fingerprints
    On furniture and walls.


    But every day I'm growing -
    I'll be grown some day
    And all those tiny handprints
    Will surely fade away.


    So here's a little handprint
    Just so you can recall
    Exactly how my fingers looked
    When I was very small.


    Little Handprints everywhere, on the tables, on the chairs,
    Little Handprints now let me think, on the taps and on the sink
    Little Handprints everyday, just for you to wipe away.

    But as I grow you will find no more handprints left behind
    So I've made some prints for you, of little hands, one and two
    Now, when I'm big you'll still see little handprints left by me!


    A Dad is a person
    who is loving and kind,
    And often he knows
    what you have on your mind.
    He's someone who listens,
    suggests, and defends.
    A dad can be one
    of your very best friends!
    He's proud of your triumphs,
    but when things go wrong,
    A dad can be patient
    and helpful and strong
    In all that you do,
    a dad's love plays a part.
    There's always a place for him
    deep in your heart.
    And each year that passes,
    you're even more glad,
    More grateful and proud
    just to call him your dad!
    Thank you, Dad...
    for listening and caring,
    for giving and sharing,
    but, especially, for just being you!

    Happy Father's Day.

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Wish you a very Happy Fathers Day.


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